Website Copy Audits

Copy Audits are the perfect solution if you don’t have the budget for a big old re-write of your site, or if you feel like you’re just not attracting the right customers. They can be really powerful because sometimes people are SO CLOSE with their message and it just takes a pair of fresh eyes on their copy to make it shine.

First, you’ll fill out a short discovery form and I’ll look over your site. Then we meet online where we’ll go through your site piece by piece and I’ll give you actionable steps to spruce up your site. The call will be recorded so you can go back anytime and refer to my suggestions. And just because I’m super nice, if you decide to hire me after the copy audit because it’s more work than you thought, I’ll give you a credit of $99 towards our new project together if you hire me within 30 days of our call.

Price: Begins at $199