Email Series Copy

It’s been proven that it takes several touches to convince people to buy. If you’re only sending out one email to sell a product or service it’s not likely you are going to be filling your calendar or your wallet like you hoped!

I will work directly with you to help you uncover the right series for you. These emails will be 100% customized to your branding, voice and intent.

Here’s some examples of what an email series can do:

  • An email series that is educational that you send to your mailing list such as “3 things you should know about a boudoir session”.

  • A email series to promote a special event such as “Summer beach sessions from XYZ photography”

  • An email series to send to people on your mailing list to entice purchasing like “Sign up for our floral design class at Belle’s Flowers”

  • A series of emails for your CRM (Honeybook, Dubsado, 17 Hats, MailChimp, etc.) that you can plug in to “set it and forget it” to send out automated emails to your clients