Ah, blogging. It’s like flossing. You know you’re supposed to do it, right? Google laps it up and rewards you with SEO goodness every time you add fresh content to your site, and blogging is the easiest way get Google juice.

I do blogging about things like your latest creation or the latest session you had, and also content that is what we in the big-bad writing world refer to as “Evergreen”.

This is content that never goes out of style and is lapped up by your readers. Things like; “5 Words you Should Never Say to your New Mother-in-Law on your Wedding Day” or “6 tips on How to Get Your Bridesmaids to Diet Before Your Wedding”. Together we come up with a list of subjects that you want covered.

This evergreen content, combined with your regular posting of new things that are going on in your business is the secret sauce.

Each blog is approximately 500 words and will include keywords.

Long-form blogs are also available, please inquire!