kimberley anderson copywriter

About Kim of Red Curl Creative

After nearly thirty years in the wedding and event industry, I understand that the one thing that it’s hard for clients to see is your heart when they are reading words on a page. There’s not a single photographer, wedding or event professional I know who is in the industry solely for the money. I know you have dozens of stories about a wedding, event or a perhaps a family that you photographed that touched you deeply, making the long hours and endless emails worth it. I help you tell those stories to convert prospective clients who are considering your services.

I grew up in the wedding industry, starting at age 16 as a waitress at weddings at a Country Club my father was a chef at. I spent my Saturdays judging bad bridesmaid dresses (It was the 80’s y’all…remember rainbow weddings?) dishing out beef tips and taters, and cutting and serving wedding cake.

After college I took a job as a photo processor at one of those one hour photo labs/portrait studios. One day the photographer was out sick, so my boss threw me in the studio and it was trial by 2-year-old-portrait fire. So, of course when someone asked me if I photographed weddings I said yes because how hard could it be? So that happened for 20 years and when I tired of chasing the big white dress I co-owned a multi-operational wedding studio. I then went on to do then social media work for a florist so I know a good ranunculus when I see one, and I speak fluent flower.

To round out the story, I married a wedding DJ. I knew he was the one when out driving he turned the radio dial without me saying a word when “Single Ladies” came on. Now I'm finally making my mother proud using that dusty English degree AND I get to stay home on Saturdays.

I live somewhat reluctantly in Milwaukee, WI (love the summers, don’t talk to me about the winters) with a large menagerie of animals that I keep trying to stop acquiring.